Sound Engineer Tech Job Description

Sound Engineer Technicians are responsible for the sounds produced and heard in a broadcast or live production, movies, videos or theater. They use recording equipment and machines to record sound, voices or music, synchronizing and mixing them for reproduction later. Using control consoles, they work with pre-recorded sound effects, dialogue, and music with the action on the screen, synchronizing and equalizing them together. They maintain a log of recordings they made. They are responsible for creating digital interface programs for musical instruments to be applied to commercial ads, music projects or post production on films. Sound engineer technicians are in charge of reporting sound equipment problems and make sure that they are repaired on time for next performance. They coordinate and meet with performers, producers and other production personnel to determine which particular sound or sound effect is appropriate or desired by the art director for a production.

Sound engineer technicians use sound editing equipment for reproducing and duplicating sound recordings from previously recorded original media. They are in charge of preparing for recording sessions, selecting and setting up microphones and other equipment essential for making good recording. In the mixing or post production phase, they separate and combine sounds as needed, such as vocals, instruments and other recorded sounds. They typically work indoors, in sound recording studios but some who work in broadcast news and other on location programs may have to work outdoors, through all types of weather conditions. Those who do maintenance work may need to climb antenna towers or climb poles to reach the equipment that need repairs. Sound engineer technicians who have found work in movies may have to work long hours because of deadlines imposed on their contracts.

Digital Cameras And The Modern World

Today is the age of science and technology. Billions of people all around the world need technical devices for their daily routine activities. These products include computers, laptops, fax machines, telephones, mobile phones and cameras etc. These devices are of great help to the users. Now you can send you recent photos to your friends and family members no matter wherever they are, within no time.

Camera is a vital example of technological advancements that have revolutionized the world beyond the boundaries of imaginations. Life was never such easier and joyful ever before. Camera is an electronic device that captures and records the images you want it to capture and then you can take a print of these images whenever you want.

Models and designs of cameras have been continuously varying since its discovery. The engineers used to put latest features in it by keeping under consideration the need of time and the competition in the market because to survive successfully in the market, one must keep himself updated of the competitor products being sold in the market and the feed back of the customers.

Now digital cameras have occupied the market wholly and manual cameras are considered old styled. Digital camera work on the principle of electronics and results of a digital one are receiving great feed back.

As the technology progresses further, such mobile phones are introduced in the market which have a built-in camera. Wow, it means that you have a camera of your own in hand all the time and now no memorable incident of your life could be missed. You are now able to capture all the moments of your life by pressing a single button. Remarkable, is not it? Life was never such a joy.

Latest models of digital cameras have remarkable features in them. Here is a list of some latest models of cameras with rock-solid features in them;

Canon EOS 5D Mark II;

Canon EOS 5D Mark II has a follow-up of 5D and delivers high quality results. Now, you have no need of any professional photographers.

Nikon D5000

Canon PowerShot S95

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1

These latest cameras, not only captures still images, but also capture movements through video making feature. You can make video of any important moment of your life for example, first word said by your baby. Such moments will never come back and technology has provided you the opportunity to make them stored in your album forever. You can alter the picture by adding different interesting effects; you can change colors of your picture and put colors of your own choice to make your photo perfect.

Digital camera show immediate result of your snap shot, you can delete the photo if you did not find the result satisfactory. The mega pixels of the camera are responsible for delivering a good picture. The more mega pixels your camera has, the clearer your photo will be.

Life was never so entertaining and happier without the use of camera. Now, no precious moment could escape from being captured and stored.

Salt Cavern CO2 Storage in Northern Pennsylvania

Clarion County Pennsylvania is in the conceptual stages of storing CO2 underground in salt caverns. Basically, carbon dioxide released during coal burning for energy, will be captured and pushed underground instead of into the environment, of which contributes to global warming.

We’ve seen many examples of the other uses of salt cavern storage, for instance; natural gas, CAES, but here is a good example of the use of CCS (Carbon Capture and Sequester) in salt caverns.

The government in Pennsylvania has not only discussed the concept but has requested the assessment of the state’s geological storage potential. The technology will create jobs and will allow the states coal burning industries to continue to operate in an environmentally sound regard. The more states that jump onto this clean tech bandwagon, the quicker the US can mandate these practices.

The carbon storage capacity in salt caverns is quite large in the US, something to the amount of 600 billion tonnes of CO2. It is a feasible long term solution as well as being quite safe. However, the research on CO2 leakage, contaminating drinking water, and the accountability, isn’t 100% and this is usually the hindrance in launching a CCS project.

For Clarion County, deep and solid salt beds made mostly of halite could be created by solution mining to bore out the wells for CO2 storage. The dissolved salt could then be used for fertilizer or other commercially valuable products.

If Pennsylvania can headline this technology, it could bring huge returns for the state. Investors understand the lucrative future of such a clean tech project, and will be eager to support them. Not only do the investors win, but so does the earth.

Jason Fradley