5 Ways to Save Money on Tech for College

TV on the Internet

After the honeymoon price of $30 for the first six months ends, you can pay $60 a month for 80 channels, and that’s not including Internet, priced around $60 a month; now you’re looking at $120 per month. The good news is, you can save up to $900 a year by choosing Internet-only service on a wireless router to catch shows on Hulu and TV station websites.

Savings per year: $900

Laptop vs. iPad Smackdown

For the cheapest iPad (16 GB), expect to pay $500 -add $130 if you want 3G. The data plan also costs $15-$25 per month. Alternatively, you can buy a netbook for around $300 with more of everything: a 10-15-inch screen; a 250-500 GB HHD; a 1 GHz or better CPU; 1-4 GB of RAM; and 10 hours of battery life.

Savings: $200

I’ll Take the Double-Camera Music Phone Combo

You can save yourself the cost of four separate devices by purchasing one 4G iPhone. For $200, you get a smartphone, an iPod, and a 5MP photo & HD video camera -not counting the built-in GPS.

iPod: $150; Photo Camera: $150; Video Camera: $200

Savings: $500

Flash Drives Can Save You

For under $20, you can grab an 8GB USB flash drive for essential files. It can save you the price of an external HHD, DVDs, and even a netbook.

160 GB HHD: $75; 50 DVDs: $22; netbook: $300

Savings: $377

B&W Laser Printers

For $150, a B&W laser printer can print around 3000 pages per toner cartridge and last around two academic years. Inkjet color printers (also $150) only print around 300 pages on one black ink cartridge (avg. $30), and you can easily use five in two academic years. With a B&W laser printer, you can save $150 on ink alone.

More money in your pocket is always a good thing. Saving money and using the latest tech is even better.