Dreaming of a Blogging Web App? Make It Happen With Node JS

Benefits of blogging are countless. On one hand, business owners operating online are hugely successful in educating their customers owing blogging and consistent content publishing. On the other hand, for non-business personalities, it’s a great way to create a powerful knowledge hub and inspire public interactions. Thus, blogging is a ubiquitous idea and anyone can create their presence on the web with it and let hundreds of thousands of people engage and interact through other related blog posts, commenting, social sharing, likes or follows.

If you are on the fence about developing a blogging application for your business or for creating your personal space on the web, then Node JS is a reliable tool! It has assisted developers worldwide to create stellar web applications painlessly which include blogs. But, before proceeding about Node JS, let us first take a look at the must-have features for blogging web applications.

  • Posts creation: The key purpose of the blog is to allow you and others to post text for sharing information. The process has to be very simple as well as quick.
  • Pictures/multimedia posts: Blogs look pretty and invite more readers when they are preoccupied with images and video. Thus, your blog should enable people to upload multimedia items too on the blog.
  • Customise Appearance and layout: There are varied tools that offer ways to configure the blog, its appearance and design of the layout. Your blog must have such tools installed so that you can use themes, layouts or design template and modify your blog.
  • RSS feeds: These feeds are essential to let tech-savvy users subscribe and get notifications about news, tech stories and events via MyYahoo or iGoogle or other RSS reader.

You can see hundreds of web applications for blogging on Node JS, which clearly manifest how much powerful and preferred platform it is now for the sprawling internet world. Of course, there are a large number of reasons behind it. So, if you want to get started with a blog considering the above features, know some of them.

  • JavaScript at the core: JavaScript is the pivotal choice of developers for any form of applications, and Node JS is cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment that enables them to use JS for server-side scripting.
  • Development is faster: On being built on an asynchronous programming model and the use of Chrome engine V8, it makes things super quick.
  • Evolves consistently: Node JS community has an evolving spree and promotes sharing to let others grow too with them. Thus, you are empowered to share library packages as it officially promoted and others can even help you fix things if you faced while using it.
  • The synchronisation of data between server and client: While it allows you to write JS on the client as well as server-side. This makes things exceptionally simple because the data is transferred between both.

Great for socially engaging apps: Node JS is really a friendly stuff when it is about creating real-time applications that engage users socially from multiple sources. Its event loop makes development too easy by considering the criteria of multi-users.

Yes! The next big thing in the web world is definitely Node JS. So, if you have the idea of a blog buzzing in your mind now, then go for it as it will help you create attractive, responsive and interactive blog in no time.

Digital Marketing and Blogging to Generate Affiliate Commissions

Digital Marketing and the benefits of Blogging.

Digital marketing is growing rapidly especially with affiliate marketing. Where over 95% of the people getting started do so completely unprepared. Or rather misdirected. Making money online is a calculated and time-consuming art. And the best way to get recognized as a professional is to offer outstanding content. Solutions to identified needs within your niche. Digital marketing is all about turning knowledge into a digital product. And competitive knowledge requires a lot of time researching. Do the research, find the problem and offer a solution. Even if it means weeks of research. Recognition requires sacrifice and maximum effort. There is no way to write really high quality content within a few minutes.

Unless it’s copy/paste content. Which should really be avoided because Search Engines does not appreciate that. Make your content your own. From written to graphic content. And use that to create curiosity. Digital marketing at a professional level is not as “easy” as is often suggested. But fortunately there’s nothing that time and research cannot remedy. But first you would want to know what to blog about right?

How to know what to blog about.

With digital marketing, also known as your profitable niche. The one thing you love doing most. And a hobby is often the best choice. If you truly love what you do it will be impossible to give up. The options are really vast with hundreds of different niches. From dieting to supplements and opportunities. But finding the profitable niche is where an alarmingly large percentage of newbies go wrong. Your blog needs to be targeted to specific keywords and search phrases. Best describing the content of your blog. If you love cycling then that will be your profitable niche. Perhaps reading or watching movies?

Find that one thing you would love to be able to do all day. As opposed to the usual 9 – 5 grind. But don’t quit your job just yet. Because earning a few thousand dollars per month does not happen that fast. Find your passion and create inspiring content to attract both visitors and search engines.

Digital marketing and ranking basics for Search Engines.

The most important advantage of blogging with digital marketing is SEO. Because nothing on Earth drives converting web traffic like SEO. Without traffic there will be no sales even with the most impressive blog online. Simply because the visitor is already looking for “cycling gear” or “cycling advice” or even “how to start cycling“. Therefore is already interested in your content. The blog targeted keyword must be the first word of both the domain name and blog title. Choose carefully and target keywords with a high search volume and low competition level. Use the Google Keyword Planner tool available in your Google Ads account. A really outstanding research tool by Google.

Another crucial tool to a successful blog is the Yoast SEO Premium plugin for WordPress. Because professional SEO is about a whole lot more than just strategic keyword placement. There’s word, sentence and paragraph length. And also the presence of transition words to increase the readability score. Along with sub-headings (H2, H3, H4). H2 Heading is often also a blog post title. The blog title however is also known as the H1 Header.

Having the relevant compelling content in front of the right audience. All made possible through search engines and SEO. Because Google alone process over 63,000 searches per second. Which calculates to around 5.6 Billion searches per day. And that is precisely why blogging is so important with digital marketing. It’s the perfect exposure tactic to generate sales online.

How to make money with your blog.

There are several ways to do that. Among the favourites is affiliate marketing. But more specifically affiliate product banner displays. But raw banner HTML code can reduce your blog SEO score in search engines. Where a Grade-A blog is required to score above 70%. Rather use a plugin called “WP Insert” to display banners in blog posts and pages. In fact there are hundreds of useful free plugins accessible at WordPress (dot) org. To display banners in blog side bars use an image widget. Then simply redirect the image to the cloaked affiliate link. A great affiliate link cloaking tool is another plugin called “Pretty Links Lite“.

Testing and writing product reviews is a great idea for creating compelling content. Use tools like “Pixabay” for unlimited high quality royalty free images. Then turn that into professional graphic display with another great image editing tool called “Canva“.

Your blog must stand out from a rather large crowd. Where the first impression is crucial. What does your visitor see when opening a link to your blog or blog post? Does the first impression target an identified need? But more importantly, does it suggest a solution? If the content is not sufficiently compelling to potential visitors. Then it may result in an alarmingly high bounce rate. And little to no sales at all.