SEO Factors and Its Impact on Digital Marketing Strategies in 2018

As you would be aware, Google is constantly evolving their search ranking algorithms every year.

In 2017 – Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) emerged.

In 2018, many new trends are emerging, which would impact SEO Factors.

These are some of the upcoming trends in SEO in 2018 –

1. Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Features – SERP feature is any inorganic result shown on a search engine result page such as AdWords, news block, rich snippets, and site ratings. Such features add a visual layer to an existing result. Site links, videos, tweets, shopping results would also get prominently highlighted in search engine result pages.

2. Rich Snippets – Web developers add a structured data markup to their web page. A rich snippet enhances the search results by adding pictures, ratings, and a website URL. Rich snippets in web pages should include a ‘|’ symbol in it.

Such rich snippets would get more click-through rates.

3. Page Speed – In today’s fast-moving environment, where speed is the most crucial factor – this is a more dominant SEO Factor, Google recommends a page loading speed of 3 sec or less for loading any web page. Google provides a tool – page speed insights, which would help you in optimizing your web page speed, it also provides insights for various optimization techniques to improve the website speed.

4. Content Relevance – Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) is an indexing and retrieval method. It is a mathematical technique called singular value decomposition to identify a pattern – between terms and concepts.

Search Engines rate your website content using LSI, it scans your website and verifies the content using related terms and keywords. More attention should be paid to write relevant content that matches your topic.

5. Voice Search in Google – On Google people search by spoken words instead of typing in the search box. An SEO strategy must include conversational words.

6. Mobile Friendly Sites – Billions of people are using mobile version of the web sites, as it is quite convenient. Mobile site is a search ranking factor; in fact, Google indexes your mobile web site before the desktop version of your web site. Responsive web design feature supported by many web development technologies such as bootstrap, which makes your website mobile or tablet friendly.

Why Mobile-Friendly Sites –

  • A desktop version of websites does not appear user-friendly on mobile devices.
  • 2.6 billion Active smartphone users
  • Google tags mobile-friendly sites as mobile friendly.

7. Link-less Backlinks – A news article mentioning a brand name, a business or a review done for a business or a brand on another web site, blog or in social media are all examples of link-less backlinks which are becoming relevant today. Relevant articles, blogs or social media must include brand or business name.

You must align your online business with the latest search engine updates, by putting in a lot of time and efforts.

Latest Technology Making the News

Technology is the lifeline of the busy routine of today. There has been nothing more obliging than the latest technology to see off the pressing concerns of a modern lifestyle. Wherever there is talk of an innovation, technology is the first thing that comes to mind. This is because though the idea may be relevant to some other walk of life but it can only span its reach through technology and the latest advents it has brought about. It is very common to see the latest gadgets and technology making the headlines every other day. Here are some of the latest technological marvels doing the rounds these days.

Curved UHD TVs

Gone are the days of the flat screens and sleek LCDs and even LEDs are going out of vogue slowly. The future presents a brighter picture with curved screen UHD (Ultra High Definition) TVs that are slowly making their way to the market and consumers. These new age TVs have decidedly higher resolutions, somewhere to the tune of 5120X 2160 pixels and high aspect ratio like 21:9, and therefore present a much better picture quality. The screens afford a truly optimized picture suited aptly for different viewing environments and preferences.

Acer Iconia W4 Tablet

Acer is one of the innovators in the market for computing devices. Since the time computers are slowly being replaced by tablets, there have been a host of new and innovative products introduced to entice. Acer Iconia W4 is one the most affordably attractive among these. Sporting an 8″ screen with IPS and zero air gap technologies, this tablet gives users an enhanced experience with regard to clarity and brightness. Housing a fourth generation Intel Atom Processor, it is swift as well as easy to use since it comes preinstalled with Windows 8. Another aspect worth mentioning is the superb battery life that gives a user great value for money.


Long drives are a lot of fun. But they can also be extremely dangerous if undertaken with a sleepy head. But this is something drivers won’t have to worry about anymore. Vigo, a new wearable device, keeps you on track by nudging you when you tend to doze off on a long drive. And the most amusing aspect is that it can also be used by students to prevent them from nodding off in a class or lecture. On a serious note, the device tracks patterns from your body movements and blink durations and intensities to decide when you are sleepy and gives suitable stimuli to wake you up in time. Vigo can be used like a Bluetooth headset and is capable of doing much more than just nudging you awake.

Kurt Dinnes, Not Your Ordinary Contractor

Kurt Dinnes is not just another Builder, he creates places that you are proud to call home. The last home that he built was a high-tech Showcase Home in Oklahoma City. It sold for just under $500,000 and all the proceeds went to charity.

Kurt is one of the Managing Partners of Sun Contracting, a construction company that began in the early 90’s. Kurt is also the President of Taco Mayo, which is a chain of contemporary Tex-Mex restaurants spread out across the south central region of the US. He and Randy Earhart, the other Managing Partner, began Sun Construction to accommodate the needs of their burgeoning restaurant business. With 88+ restaurants spread across the south central US since 1978, in-house construction and remodeling of many of these became a necessity. They found that they could manage the construction more economically and efficiently if they acted as the general contractors. With a successful business model implemented, other people were soon requesting their services.

A member of the Oklahoma City Homebuilders Association, Kurt takes his contribution to the community to heart. Part of the Taco Mayo mission statement reflects this: “Recognizing that success does not come easily, especially for individuals in less fortunate circumstances, we take very seriously our responsibilities to the communities that have been so good to us.” Sun Contracting was honored to participate in the SW HomeBuilders Association Showcase Home charity program. They donated all their fees in addition to helping to solicit vendors to donate furnishings, materials and high-tech appliances for the Showcase Home.

The 2007 Showcase home set a fundraising record. Over 70 vendors, manufacturers, craftspeople and artisans donated or heavily discounted their materials that went into the three bedroom, one outdoor living room house. “Normally, it would take at least a year to build this kind of home, instead of a little more than four months,” Dinnes said. “The subcontractors went way beyond the call of duty,” he said. All this in order to meet the Showcase of Homes deadline. The 3,500-Square-foot house includes a 700 square-foot game-theater room. “This is the room of rooms,” Dinnes said. The house also has many smaller elements that make a house a home, including a pot-filler faucet by the stove and six showerheads in the master shower. Dinnes said “the more sophisticated buyer will inquire about updated options for the bathroom, but he also likes educating other buyers about their shower selections. I love building people’s dream homes,” he said.

The profits from the house after the sale went to The Southwest Homes charity. This charity donates money to the local schools, YMCA, and houses for disabled children that they support. The Showcase Home was featured in Central OK Homes Magazine and drew over 2500 visitors. People from the area came to not only see the home but also to view the latest technology in the home building industry. The Showcase Home featured chiseled stone, rough cedar beams, scribed wood floors, high-tech appliances, low VOC lighting, house-wide surround sound, a built-in theater system, and an outdoor living room complete with fireplace. Steve Spitz, from “Better living with Steve Spitz”, a west coast design show, assisted with color choices and interior design for house.

Kurt is a people guy. It is apparent when you meet him. He is outgoing and friendly and at first introduction, makes you feel like you’ve known him since grade school. He loves to work with his clients, helping to solve their marketing and financing problems in the restaurant business as well as with home building solutions. His typical day consists of meetings with clients, employees and the members of his Taco Mayo team, listening to problems and coming up with solutions.

The most difficult challenges he comes across in the contracting business are managing expectations with subcontractors. Kurt has high standards. Like a superhero, he likes to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. With regards to deadlines and quality products, sometimes subcontractors do not see things the same way. Rather than see the glass as half-full though, Kurt always manages to see the cup as overflowing.

Kurt’s Four Favorite Tools

1. DeWalt Cordless impact drill

2. Paslode cartridge nailer

3. Makita 7-1/2″ Miter Saw

4. DeWalt Laser Leveler